E-commerce is where commerce is heading. Most people prefer to shop at their desk or on their phone and get there products delivered quickly right to their door! Being in front of this wave is critical for brands to solidify themselves in the minds of shoppers before they get left in the stone age!

We are a solution driven company that specializes in creating win-win’s for brands who want to increase their exposure online and are serious about solving many of the key problems faced by online retailers. Amazon.com is by far the largest and most trusted retailer in the U.S. with over 110 million loyal hungry shoppers who check Amazon FIRST before they purchase a product. They check the price, image, product description, and most importantly product reviews.  Being represented on Amazon OPTIMALLY should be a brand’s main goal since that's where customers most likely find them and get their first impressions.


Here are common questions and concerns we hear from brands about selling online, mainly on Amazon.com

Problem: We really do not understand Amazon. There are so many rules and things to keep up with and it really is a pain. We make a great product and want to focus on making our product and developing our product lines.


Solution: We leave the product development to the experts, You! We are selling and marketing products on Amazon 24/7. We are experts at what we do. We are the first to keep up with Amazon’s rules, metrics and any changes within their algorithms that affect search  (Amazon SEO).


Quit worrying about figuring out Amazon and retail when that’s something you can outsource for FREE to a retailer like us! Not many retailers offer free professional marketing services like us, One thing that makes us so special!


Problem:  Sellers on Amazon are undercutting each other and starting price wars which is really hurting our brand. Our valuable B&M customers are hurting because their customers rather buy it on Amazon for a few bucks cheaper.


Solution: Most brands choose to implement a MAP(Minimum Advertised Price) policy. This is simply a price that you feel will be high enough for all your dealers in every channel to make a healthy margin as well as a price that will still uphold the brand perception and quality of your product. If a dealer does not comply, you, the brand will have to either issue a series of warnings, 0-3.


If the dealer still refuses to comply, the next steps would be a punitive monetary fee and refusal of sale. We will be more than willing to work with you to develop a MAP for your products and we will instruct you on how to properly communicate this pricing policy to your Amazon sellers.


Problem: We already have a MAP and they just don’t follow it! We don’t even know who these sellers are and where they are getting it from, possibly one of our distributors?


Solution:  Some unscrupulous Amazon sellers deceive brands into thinking that they will not sell on Amazon. They figure that they will sell until they get caught and profit off the expense of the brand and other authorized dealers.  It is quite difficult to figure out who these sellers are but it can be done with our help and a lot of patience. This will be a joint effort between us because Amazon forbids other sellers from messaging with each other.


One of the few methods we use is monitoring the stock levels of particular SKU’s that the unauthorized seller is carrying and when we see a seller has restocked, we will have you trace back those quantities to PO’s to further narrow down the MAP violators and unauthorized sellers. Most of the time, having many sellers will lead to stagnant sales since no one will spend the time and effort to improve sales when they will have to share it with the other sellers.


Many sellers will also lead to more potential opportunities of MAP issues because all it takes is 1 to undercut by .01 and everyone's “repricers” (automatic pricing software) start to go under.  


Eventually, you would want to narrow down your Amazon sellers to just 1 seller who will be completely invested in your product and its LONG TERM success on the platform. That ideal exclusive seller will be increasing the size of the "Amazon pie" instead of taking a slice of the existing smaller pie.


If you think we are the retailer you would like to partner with, you don't have to worry because we will take over the volume that your Amazon sellers do so your sales remain unaffected.


Problem: We would like to sell more product through the Amazon channel. How can you help us do that?


Solution: Here is a little insight into how we would go about increasing Amazon sales.  Our marketing team works hard using our proprietary software to find the best keywords that customers are searching for. A sale comes from a customer that types a “key” “word” into the search bar.


Our goal is to find as many of the words and get Amazon to show your products as the first few results or on page 1 to the customer instead of having your competitors show up in those positions.


Over 90% of shoppers never go past page 1 so it is critical to be 1st. This is called Amazon SEO (search engine optimization). We also optimize the images so customers can really feel confident about their purchase since they cannot physically touch the object like they would in a store.


Therefore there must be at least 6 images that really show off the product and angles. Our copywriters then proceed to write great bullet points to sell the product as well as a good product description USING our valuable KEYWORDS.  


All of this coupled with Amazon sponsored (paid) ads drive more traffic to the listing which ultimately leads to more sales.


Problem: I feel like our products would do great in the UK. How can I go about selling on Amazon UK and EU?


Solution: Luckily, we happen to sell on Amazon UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. Combined, they have over 100 million shoppers just like Amazon.com! It definitely is a huge area of growth for any brand to get their products in front of so many eyeballs.  


We have navigated the logistical and multinational tax hurdles to make this possible for brands. We would need to take this as a case by case basis and evaluate your products to make sure they are allowed to be sold abroad.

If you have similar questions like these other brands or you have the same issues above, and you would like for us to become a retailer partner, please reach out to us at Jramsuchit@widesupplygoods.com or sales@widesupplygoods.com.



At JDR Consulting Group we believe in TRUST – but we also understand that trust starts with transparency. So here are some of the brands we manage. Unlike other marketing agencies who create million dollar charts with “mystery clients”, we include client names in our case studies so that you can validate the growth for yourself. On average, each of our clients experienced 2x growth year over year.


We pride ourselves on being able to target the right audience with the right product at the right time. As of October 2018, we’ve generated over $1 million in ad sales with and average of $8.30 of revenue earned for every dollar spent on ads. We understand that our client’s money should be stewarded, not spent. So we make it our mission to ensure you get the highest return on every dollar invested in advertising.


When you enlist our services to grow your brand, we make a point of tapping into strategic international markets. For The Army Painter brand, we were able to grow their UK sales from inconsistent one-off orders to a steady £12,000 per month. We’ve also grown their Canada presence from zero to $10,000 per month in a matter of two months. In addition, we’ve also seen tremendous growth in other non-English markets such as Germany (€10k+/month), Italy, France, and Spain.


Army Painter


In 2017, we took on The Army Painter, a company that makes paints for miniature characters and figures, and grew their sales from 200k/year to almost 1 million per year.


We project growth in 2019 to hit $1,500,000 - $2,000,000 per year pending things go well with logistical and supply chain issues. Typically, we and the brand lose out on sales due to being out of stock.


Growth Drivers:


Amazon Sponsored Ads Program (PPC): Helped drive low-cost awareness to the product detail page which customers which led to direct sales. Whatever was not direct sales were then later retargeted and ended up buying a later date. 


Increased Keyword Ranking: By laser targeting sales attributed to specific "keywords" we were able to gain more visibility for The Army Painter branded products by moving up in search rankings, while simultaneously bumping down competitors and stealing their market-share.


Catalog Expansion: The previous Army Painter dealers neglected all the other products they had in their catalog, even though those products were great B&M Sellers. Unlike most dealers who care about latching on existing selling Amazon listings, we care about growing the market-share and "pie" for the brand. We started combing through their SKUs, and analyzing opportunities within Amazon's ecosystem to sell new products.


International Expansion: We noticed that the market for the miniature paint market was large on Amazon in the UK, EU and Canada, so we migrated the SKU's there and implemented our U.S. strategies and found similar success 



Black Widow Razors:


Black Widow Razors is a Razor company in the “Beauty” category on Amazon that was stuck at around $10k/mo in sales.


After we implemented our strategies, we took the brand to $41,000/mo, or 4x its run-rate. We project to be at $1,500,000/year in 2019 with the increase in keyword rankings and launching additional products.


Growth Drivers:  



Amazon Sponsored Ads program (PPC):  Since our margins on this product was higher, and in a more competitive category, Black Widow allowed for a higher “ACOS” where they “broke-even” after their COGS. This means that their advertising didn’t “cost” them anything, because they received $3 dollars back, for every $1 spent, which equaled their gross margins.


We bought to outbid competitors and lowered the price until we were able to rank for designated keywords, instead of keeping the price high, and not earning the “promo sales”.


Increased Keyword Ranking: We used large customer databases to do “launches” at a deep discount to drive velocity to rank for high-volume keywords. The increase in ranking for the high volume keyword, caused other keywords to rank, driving ancillary sales as a “halo-effect” of the launch.


Catalog Expansion: Black Widow razors started with 1 product, and after each successful launch, we brought 6 total SKUs to market successfully. They plan on launching more and more products with recurring revenue streams.